New Year Sales: Are They Really Worth It?

Hey guys!

Once again Happy New Year. Today I’m going to do more of a chatty, rambly blog about the New Year Sales.


I was wandering around town today looking through the clothes racks and I’ve noticed that I’ve seen the same items of clothing being put out for ever sale year on year. Hardly any of the stuff on sale is what you have had your eye on in the previous season. I know last year I held out on buying a jumper at Topshop because it was overpriced and I hoped that it would show up in the sale just to find that, in the New Year, the rails were crowded with bland tank tops and makeup stained t-shirts that I had absolutely no interest in.

There are obviously a few exceptions. The Next sale is always excellent if you can be bothered to get up at 5am, but why are certain high street fashion chains using the sales as an excuse to try and get rid of stock that has been crowding the stockroom for years, and not to clear out the previous season’s stock while also allowing customers to grab a bargain on something they’ve liked all season?

Am I the only person who has noticed this? How do you feel about the sales this year? If you are not from the UK, what do you think about the sales in your country? I’d be really interested to hear your views on this guys, cos quite frankly I’m fed up with it all.

On a lighter note I hope you’re all having a wonderful New Year so far. Let me know what you’re getting up to in the comments.

Beth xx


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