YouTubers I Can’t Stop Watching

So, you might say I’m a bit of a YouTube addict.

Whether I’m bored, procrastinating, or in a situation where I have no clue what I’m doing (that happens a lot!), I always somehow end up on YouTube.

That’s why I thought I would do a post on the YouTubers I can’t stop watching. Some I’ve only recently got into, some I’ve been watching for years.


1.) Hannah Maggs


I found Hannah’s channel a few months ago and I have to say I ADORE her.
Her YouTube videos are great, as is her blog. Although at first she focused on beauty products and makeup artistry, she now posts a weekly vlog about her day-to-day life with her husband Stefan and her baby Grayson which I absolutely love. She also has a great collection of handmade makeup bags which I definitely recommend checking out. | | | @HannahMaggs22

2.) Zoella


Now, if you’re into beauty vloggers, chances are you’ll know who Zoe Sugg is. I’ve been watching Zoe for a few years now and her mixture of makeup knowledge, humour and at times humble honesty make her a great person to watch. I love her ‘big sister’ approach to some of her blogs, and as far as beauty goes, I’ve learned a lot from her. | | @Zozeebo

3.) SprinkleofGlitter


Louise is funny, witty and knows her stuff when it comes to hair and makeup. I’ve also been watching her for years alongside Zoella, as being best friends its pretty hard to have one without the other. I also love her videos that she does with her daughter Darcy, and her straight-talking attitude. If you haven’t watched her before, stop whatever it is that you are doing and go watch her now. | | @SprinkleofGlitr

4.) FleurDeForce


I’ve probably been watching Fleur the longest. I would say that Fleur is very warm and that is what a lot of people love about her. Personally, I feel she uses a lot of high-end stuff that I wouldn’t be able to afford myself, but I’ve certainly picked up a lot of techniques and ideas from her. Fleur knows a lot about makeup and fashion, and I would definitely recommend checking her out if you haven’t already. | | @FleurDeForce

Those are my picks of YouTubers. Tell me your favourites in the comments and let me know if you have any recommendations!

Beth xxx


4 thoughts on “YouTubers I Can’t Stop Watching

  1. I like how most of my favourite youtubers (like Zoella, Louise, Tanya etc) are all somehow linked together. 😀 Have you watched any of Kathleen Lights and Jaclyn Hill videos? Check them out! they are my currently favourite beauty gurus on YT!

    xx ieyra | babysoulz

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