Review: The Body Shop Body Butter

Hi lovelies!

Apologies for getting a bit behind with posts!

Today I’m going to review The Body Shop Body Butter.

I’ve been using this for quite a while, at the moment I use the Strawberry flavoured one and overall I LOVE it.

Smells amazing
Need I say anymore. Pretty much all the Body Shop butters smell incredibly good, though whether you like particular ones will depend on your personal preference.

Lasts forever
I’ve found the regular size tub lasts me ages, which is a plus as they cost $30 each. You only need a little product to apply to damp skin and it does the trick.

Moisturises well
The entire point of body butter. Apply to damp skin after bathing/showering and your skin will be lovely and soft, as well as smelling delicious.

Application can be tricky
Although the texture of this product is what makes it last a while, I do sometimes wish it had the lighter, creamier texture that some other body butters have.

As stated before, a regular sized tub of the body butter costs around $30, but it does last ages and may prove more cost effective in the long run. It all depends on the type of moisturiser you require.

Apologies again for the unplanned hiatus. I’ll try to be back on schedule this week.

Hope you’re all doing well!

Beth xx


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